Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In the hour of greatest need

A knight came forth, upon his steed

A steed comprised of green and yellow

To lend a hand, to every fellow

Docks were gone

And sand was thin

Despite the strife

He wore a grin

Eyeing the destruction

This solitary man

Surveyed the landscape

And hatched a plan

On trusty steed

This mount did ride

Unfazed by natures

Ruthless tide

He set about

The task at hand

Restore to the people

Their promised land

From dawn to dusk

For days on end

Man and machine

Reversed the trend

A ray of hope

Shone on the folk

Of those left crippled

By Irene's joke

The storm had passed

And left our town

The legend remains


Tim and Company ...

... picking up the pieces!

neighbors helping neighbors

Thank YOU Brenda

for supporting Tim

on his John Deere purchase!



2011 GHBA Helping Hand Award Recipient

lyric poem 'ode to Our Own TIM BROWN' by Roger

Thx all!

disclaimer: GHBA Helping Hand Award has not necessarily been approved by the Great Hammock Beach Association board at this time, but if you like the idea, please comment here or voice your approval to a board member!

1 comment:

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

What a grand neighbor he is, and you are too, for honoring him and making a poem even! Happy weekend!

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